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Leaders of Distinction
UTU Political Action Committee

Leaders of Distinction is designed to recognize those members in Illinois Locals who are true leaders in UTU's Political Action Committee.  Members who achieve UTU PAC membership status of Gold Club ($300.00 per year to UTU PAC), Dollar A Day Club ($365.00 per year to UTU PAC), Diamond Club ($600.00 per year to UTU PAC), Platinum Club ($1,200.00 per year to UTU PAC), and President's Circle ($2,500.00 per year to UTU PAC) will receive special recognition, including:

1. Listing by name, local number and membership category in the "Leaders of Distinction" section of the web page of the UTU Illinois Legislative Board.

2. Receive a special edition Illinois UTU PAC lapel pin.


Presidents Circle Club ($2500 Contribution Per Year)
Local Member
234 Robert W. Guy, Bloomington
469 David Wier, Madison
528 Daniel Downes, Chicago
1534 John Lesniewski, Chicago


Platinum Club ($1200 Contribution Per Year)
Local Member
195 Alan Fisher, Galesburg
Karl Weyant, Galesburg
453 Jarrod Hudson, Clinton
1290 John O'Brien, Chicago
1421 Gary Babiarz, Franklin Park


Diamond Club ($600 Contribution Per Year)
Local Member
168 Devar Thompson, Chicago
171 Daniel Mielke, Aurora
195 James Smith, Galesburg
445 Emily Huckey,Niota
469 David Weir, Jr., Madison
528 Charles Harris,Chicago
577 Robert Blomgren, Northlake
597 Charles Corsini, Des Plaines
1358 Mark Pesek, Danville
1895 Anthony Favela, Chicago
Robert Rosales, Chicago


Dollar A Day Club ($365 Contribution Per Year)
Local Member
168 Doug Silkowski, Chicago
David Pryor, Chicago
171 Cederick Fuller, Aurora
Matthew Hanson, Aurora
195 Philip Friel, Galesburg
Tony Gray, Galesburg
Richard Sage, Jr., Galesburg
Byran Roberts, Galesburg
Richard Spangler, Galesburg
Jeffrey Brown, Galesburg
Derek Oler, Galesburg
Josh Ginther, Galesburg
196 Dennis Belville, Beardstown
234 Frederick Reynolds, Bloomington
Brian Hagele, Bloomington
258 Tracey Frerichs, Rock Island
432 Rodney Flessner, Champaign-Urbana
Kyle Hopper, Champaign-Urbana
Grady Crippin, Champaign-Urbana
445 William Johnson, Niota
Andrew Gaskin, Niota
Edward Hernandez, Sr., Niota
Michael Casey, Niota
453 John Stubblefield, Clinton
Robert Winchester, Clinton
528 Jeffery King, Chicago
William Greer, Chicago
577 Michael Siggeman, Northlake
Roger Stewart, Northlake
597 Michael Tyler, Des Plaines
620 John Schweiss, Chicago
Jeffery Allen, Chicago
William Lewis, Chicago
Gregory Ferenzi, Chicago
Antonio Reyes, Chicago
653 Genaro Morales, Jr., Blue Island
979 Matthew Tackett, Salem
1003 Frederick Jefferson, Sr., Kankakee
1258 Patrick Stamper, Elgin
1290 Jessie Turner, Chicago
Darrell Eaton, Chicago
1299 Phillip Cataldo, Chicago
Jennifer Drake, Chicago
Michael Haug, Chicago
Michael Hibma, Chicago
Todd Larson, Chicago
Raphael Oliviel, Chicago
1358 Christopher Atwood, Danville
1402 Anthony Alexander, Dupo
Mark Schreoder, Dupo
1423 Jeremy Kennedy, Galesburg
Beauman Trego, Galesburg
1494 Patricia Figueroa, Chicago
Miguel Marquez, Chicago
Khaatim Abdullah, Chicago
1525 Jennifer Naddy, Carbondale
Jody Loos, Carbondale
Marcelino Martinez,Carbondale
David Gage, Carbondale
Josh Phillips, Carbondale
Ernest Higgerson, Jr., Carbondale
Robert Taylor, Carbondale
1534 Joseph Ciemny, Chicago
1597 Jeff Votteler, Chicago
Paul Hesla, Chicago
1883 Matthew Foye, Riverdale
Brad Griffin, Riverdale
1895 Richard Ross, Chicago
Joseph Greenfield, Chicago
John Cutler, Chicago
Lawrence Grutzius, Chicago
David Orona, Chicago
Dennis Nee, Chicago
1929 Bruce Smith, E. St. Louis
Thomas Thorp, E. St. Louis
1973 Thomas Rodgers, Jr., Chicago
Charles Bostedt, Chicago
Daniel Weir, Chicago


Gold Club ($300 Contribution Per Year)
Local Member
168 Yacin White, Chicago
195 Debra Dockstader, Galesburg
Timothy Krisher, Galesburg
Timothy Dixon, Galesburg
196 David Sides, Beardstown
Phillip Wellenkamp, Beardstown
234 Phillip Kennedy, Bloomington
445 Daniel Carroll, Niota
Richard Gustin, Niota
Luke Sperry, Niota
Benny Worrick, Niota
Shane Shannon, Niota
Jordon Boone, Niota
Brad Bainter, Niota
Richard Lobianco, Niota
Del Anderson, Niota
Brett Azinger, Niota
Michael Koprowski, Niota
Michael Rankin, Niota
453 Andrew Goeckner, Clinton
Patrick Houser, Clinton
Jamie Lawson, Clinton
528 Toddelle Darby, Chicago
Richard Ennis, Chicago
Stephen Rini, Chicago
Esau Patterson, Jr., Chicago
Charles Wilson, Chicago
577 Charles Jones, Northlake
Michael Hamilton, Northlake
Frank Prochaska, Northlake
597 Demetrius Johnson, Des Plaines
John Babler, Des Plaines
653 Harry Nicholson, Blue Island
768 Travis Harrington, Decatur
David Kostenski, Decatur
1258 Charles Cravatta, Elgin
1290 Barry Abbott, Chicago
Milton Driver, III, Chicago
1402 Daniel Laramie, Dupo
1494 Chester Hrycyk, Chicago
Anthony Delorenzo, Chicago
Erik Thames, Chicago
Jonas Ammons, Chicago
1525 Curtis Drane, Carbondale
Curtis Hitch, Carbondale
1534 Stephen Solich, Chicago
1597 Jason Brazda, Chicago
John Jaroch, Chicago

1929 Davin Sanders, E. St. Louis
Matthew Dubs, E. St. Louis

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